Friday, 27 May 2022

A Well-Deserved Rest

Manifesting lunacy at a frenzied maximum for any length of time is a draining enterprise. That the Powers That Be have kept it going and steady for two years and more is testimony to an unparalleled Robustitude, Prevailance and lack of Sagacity: but all things have their term and faltering point.

For the next short while, then, we may expect a lull as cesspits are replenished and loins re-girded. And soon, forth into the fray with renewed Persistence!

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Inside A Modern Government

A few lines from a Daily Sceptic article on the West's response to Ukraine...
While this strategy may work, I’ve yet to read a cogent defence of it.

In fact, the strategy could have a number of negative second-order effects – i.e., unintended consequences – that haven’t been properly thought through.

As several people have observed, the West’s response seems to have been slapped together on the fly amidst a storm of social media outrage, as opposed to being carefully devised after consideration of all possible eventualities.
...a more concise primer on the Art and Practice of Modern Government would be hard to find.

The quality and competence of the Modern Governor may be gauged from such as
whose interest was clearly not piqued by any notion of assessing Russian strengths, weaknesses, intentions and so forth in the run-up to the war, which had started the previous day.

The declaration that Alphabetti Sphagetti Rights are the crux of Western civilisation, as well as He/him's inability to get the letters right, is eerily reminiscent of the US embassy in Kabul's flying the rainbow flag a few days before the catastrophe in Afghanistan.

For myself, I have grown bone-weary of the Stupid and of their interminable vigour. I am old enough to remember when it was considered a shameful condition - what a fogey!

Monday, 21 February 2022


                          For mine own good,
All causes shall give way: I am in blood
Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o'er

 Macbeth III.4

There comes a point in any putsch where the number of people who cannot afford to see the Rule of Law ever restored begins to snowball, and it becomes a Movement.

Starting from Truddafi, whose unlawful implementation of the Emergencies Act amounts increasingly to treason, there are added the senior officers of the Ottawa police, the RCMP, the banks and financial institutions, and now the rank and file, committing criminal acts in increasing numbers. Criminal either directly or because the Emergency is patently not legitimate.

What is the Cause they embroil themselves in, for what Yawning Heights do they strike out? Nobody knows, not even the Amghar has any real clue: the banners, when and if the delivery man comes, will have sauve qui peut emblazoned on them.

Illustrated: Indigenous Rights activists clear Trumpite truckers from the Winter Palace, or whatever

Friday, 18 February 2022

Why Censorship is Necessary and Good

The Ministry of Defence yesterday published this chilling map which is totally chilling and warry, and utterly convincing.

Sinister internet trolls working for Vladimir Putin immediately faked up this fake map to spread distress and mental health.

The box about the arrows, top right, explains that they are Ground Movements, and only the tiny writing underneath gives the game away - "Warning: Ground movement indicators are for illustrative purposes only". But for this, the reader might have thought that the arrows represented some actual war plan or something, and weren't just the work of a bunch of retarded clowns.

This is why Mis- Dis- and Something Else That Begins With M- Information (MDM*) must be erased from the interwebs, and only entirely trustworthy Government and Corporate Sources allowed to post stuff online.

*MDM: a satisfyingly euphonious acronym which improves with repetition; encourages faux-scholarly quibbling about the referents of the different D- or M- gibberish definitions; sounds like a Class A drug or a venereal disease. Works a treat.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Easy Peasy Tyrannesey


All you have to do is say "time for a dictatorship" and... laws, constitutions, charters... all such inconveniences are gone like the dew of a Spring morning.

The repeated assertions that the convoys are seas of Swastika and Dixie flags; the racism😨 hatred😰 white supremacy😭 misogyny😲 the transphobia! Swelled and perhaps instigated by Russians (who will certainly have snow on their boots)!

Such piffle could only work with the Stupid (Lat: stupor): those who are unable to apprehend the world around them, either because they are flatly unwilling or because they are convinced of their own superior cunning; stupidity is always a voluntary state.

Whether the Stupid make a sufficient power base for Truddafi in Canada remains to be seen. In other times and places, for other homunculi, they often enough have done.

Saturday, 5 February 2022


I want to thank NHS staff up and down the country for how they tirelessly worked on cancer throughout the pandemic.
But sadly we've seen I think around 50,000 fewer people diagnosed with cancer because of the pandemic, and we do need to go a lot further, a lot faster. We need a new national war on cancer.
That's why today on World Cancer Day. I'm launching a new call for evidence that will be part of a new 10-year plan on cancer about how we can do even better at prevention, how we can do much better in early diagnosis, and how we can make the very best use of cutting edge treatment.
So says Sajid Javid in February 2022. Entirely unrelated, of course, to what Dr Karol Sikora said about the lockdown in May 2020,
If this continues for six months, I suspect that in the years to come there will be at least 50,000 excess cancer deaths
"excess cancer deaths" being not the same as "fewer people diagnosed", "because of the lockdown" not the same as "because of the pandemic". These excess deaths being caused exactly by the NHS not tirelessly working on cancer.

A good robust Call For Evidence will certainly undo all this damage though, so no harm done, eh.

However awful the consequences of inept policy, the Establishment will simply shift the Talking Point away from the Actual Point and carry on as if nothing untoward has happened, as will indeed be the case once the new National War gets under way.

In the Soviet Union on Sea, the manifestation of failure is a failure of the policied-on, not of the policy, a transient untidiness in the raw material.

Friday, 28 January 2022


Ape, Boney, Adolf, a homosexual gimp and a Je Suis Charlie jackal. Presumably the last is to be seen as a sanctimonious scavenger.

The cartoon is from a piece in The Cosmopolitan Globalist about Russian all-out propaganda warfare. Everything on the site is worth reading, which cannot be said about many blogs, least of all my own.