Friday 8 September 2023

Ripping Writing

Bond is back!
Bond made it into the Safe Space with instants to spare and wept with relief. The SMERSH triggerman was still outside, shouting "Global Warming is a hoax" and "Brexit happened, get over it"  but now Bond wasn't to be triggered.
"Ah, Mr. Bond, I was expecting you," purred Blofeld, looking over Bond's Sustainably Sourced hemp AntiFa romper suit, "though I wasn't expecting you to have wet yourself."
"bUt YOu sAid sEx Is GeNeTiCalLy dEterMinED", Bond snapped back.
These are clearly not excerpts from the new effort by C. Higson. Clearly, because they are much better written.

Wednesday 23 August 2023

Heavier Than Air


The official Narrative is that at Versailles, France, on 19th September 1783, the brothers Montgolfier put a sheep, a duck and a rooster into the basket of a hot-air balloon and achieved the first ever flight with passengers, albeit not human passengers.

The obvious giveaway is that roosters and ducks are anyway capable of flight. There would simply have been no point in using a hot air balloon for the that purpose.

In fact the basket contained three piglets, and was catapulted skywards from the twin-pylonned sling shown in the centre of the picture. An engraver caught the moment and rushed his work to a secret Government laboratory where the "balloon" was faked in. The slipshod quality of the work can be seen at the top, where the "balloon" intrudes over the margin of the title.

The crowd was also faked in. In fact this was just another ordinary day at Versailles, and the erection and operation of a basket-of-piglets launcher attracted no particular attention.

The original engraving, before studio alteration, shows how easy it was even before the advent of photography for the Authorities to comprehensively falsify events to suit their own Agenda.

Tuesday 25 April 2023



Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and he will burn the boat as firewood, chop up the net for bumswipes, and come to you whingeing that the nights are cold, his arse is sore and can you dob him another fish.

Monday 27 February 2023

The Very Model of a Modern Intellectual

 He has attitude and empathy, he knows about stimulus and impetus, application and implication, dramatic presentation, filmic transposition, flexible formulation, and the other aids to radical renewal, he has experience and perspective, indeed for both reality and vision, he has zest for life and world philosophy, he approves of ethos and pathos but also mythos, he supplies subordination and integration into the living space and working space of the nation, he embraces the emotional realm of community and the vitalism of personality, he professes loyalty to kith and kin and international solidarity and favours synthesis, he transmits stimuli and tentatively explores parameters before arriving at the central modality, in order to fathom latent potential and accentuate the problematics of intellectuality, he knows all about fossilised tradition and burgeoning creativity, he values willpower, recognises purposive achievement, such as the artifice inherent in artistry, he acknowledges fluidity, accessibility, and significant form and can distinguish between the expansive and the convulsive, indeed I suspect that he is oriented in the cosmic; at all events he recognises potential for development and defines emotionally the type that, inescapably, in the final analysis must surely eventuate in trend-setting hegemony and knows that when the build-up of will-power precipitates willed conformity and hence collective action and cultural symbiosis, dynamism and rhythm form prominent parameters, and that then the goal is totality, though in the first instance steely romanticism—in short, you can’t fool him about anything…
Alas, such a paragon of talent and energy is no longer to be found in the contemporary Intellectual sphere, whose denizens are able to perform simple mental functions such as determining that golf, milk and earthquakes are racist but unable to rise above stamping a few simple categories into the human face as if they were boots.

Karl Kraus, in The Third Walpurgisnacht (1933), describes in Josef Goebbels a figure of a stature we can only sigh for today.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Act of War

The mouth of hell, from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves, ~1440.
The mouth of hell, 27th September 2022.

Update: a suggestion is that methane hydrate forms as a solid plug in a methane pipeline where gas is present but not flowing (e.g. the Nordstream pipelines). If the pipe is depressurised at (only) one end to clear it
what generally happens is the hydrate plug will still melt at the plug/wall junction, but when it does, the pressurised side will launch the plug (five feet in diameter, and the same density as water ice) at almost 200 miles an hour down the pipe towards the depressurised side.

When this plug bullet hits a bend in the pipe — well, it doesn’t stop, nor does it change direction easily. It’s going to make a hole.
Thanks to The LawDog Files for this, which seems more plausible then any warry explanation.