Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Reader Writes

Dear Aunty Agony,

I am trying to work out where I am on the scale in your Computer Dating Sex Quiz but unfortunately without result so far.

Sexually, I feel I am more of a Wachoffizier aboard an Unterseeboot Typ VIIC patrolling south of Iceland sort of chap.
Can you help?
[name and address withheld]

Aunty Agony Says: This here is a family blog and we do not cater for perverts.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Computer Dating - The Sex Quiz!

Sexually, on a scale of 1 to 10 are you

1   Happy Hippo at the mud wallow
10 Antonius Block playing chess with Death

Me, around 3 and no end of Fastidious Female Friends.

Think I might take up Railway Modelling instead: less heartbreaking; easier on the wallet.

The Mills of God Grind Slow, but they Grind Fine

There is something spookily right about the fate of the 28 панфиловцев, Panfilov's ghostly Guardsmen.
A totalitarian State, given a near-limitless fund of genuine heroics to select from, inexorably latches onto and magnifies an event which never actually occurred and finds that it cannot then erase its error, though it has erased so much else.

Ideology trashes truth and fact: and goes on to trash the ideologues and the ideology.

That this is not revealed until decades after said State has collapsed, is God's little joke and warning.
The daily and undignified celebration of our own poltroonery courtesy of our elected representatives, or the relentless and insurmountable imbecility of the Absolute?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Squareheads on the March. Again.

Pictured: some Boxheads today.

Breaking news: Germany pushes for EU army!

Thus the latest seriously bad idea to bob to the surface of our subcontinent-wide European Seriously Bad Ideas Lake.

It would mean allowing Krauts to take military responsibility for something bigger than their own army.

This is a seriously bad idea because the Jerries are notably rubbish at most things warry, in particular at:

i)     grand strategy;
ii)    strategy;
iii)   operations;
iv)   logistics;
v)    intelligence;
vi)   etc;
vii)  humility.

Tragically for the world they are good at:

viii) tactics,

making it very costly to kill them off and quell the commotion once the balloon's gone up.