Monday, 28 June 2010

Big Oil Leak Continues

I haven't posted now for twenty-two days.

Blogging is beginning to resemble Marriage.

Very well. I will put in a serious efforts.

Some of my efforts will have to be concealed from the general public, but gentlemen of certain interests will be able to see everything. I have no shame, and nor do they.

England 1 Germany 4

Phew. I hope you gentlemen of certain interests are satisfied. I know I am. They don't call me "Mister Eighteen Times a Night" for nothing.

Who's the Daddy? Genghis Khan is for most of the human race, apparently, but then I don't necessarily stick to the conventional in-and-out.

Divorce has its attractions, including the chance to bounce around in bed with interesting women. And to be interested by them, which was not allowed before.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Folk Song

Oh I wish I were back in Hove again
And a roley, a roley, a roley
With me Times Literary Supplement, me dog and me hen
Sing a roley, a roley, a roley
Where the women were generous and the men were not tight
And I'd sleep in the day and I'd stay up all night
And an' that were my ruin I'd do it all twice
Singing roley, a roley, a roley.