Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Fuck Off Radio 4

I am unemployed again, somewhat but not largely due to alcoholism.

The worst thing about unemployment and somewhat alcoholism is Radio 4. I end up listening to it all day while sitting in a freezing flat poking away at job prospects on the Interweb.

Repeated twice today, some amuse-the-middlebrows twat has been busy claiming that the entire English language relates back to farting.

Terms such as 'feisty', 'clamorous', 'caring', 'honourable', 'decent', 'reasonable', 'intelligent' and 'so forth' all supposedly strandentwine back to some embarrassed OED suggestion about the onomatopoedic... clattering of the buttocks.

Just after14:00 tomorrow it will be the Archers again and then more stupid nonsense and more fat girls doing stuff in Brighton and