Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Find "The Sower" (clicky piccie to magnificcy) and a whole 'nother cornucopia of pictures from Russia past and present at the very excellent English Russia.


But not too much. I was three hours late for work yesterday morning because I sat up all night looking round the site and overslept as a result.

Not that it mattered much because I am working for the NHS as a filing clerk, so nobody noticed.

Oh dear, it is 00:35 and I am going to make another cup of strong coffee and get all distracted again...[Later still] Oh dear oh dear.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Slow News Day


Wonder what's in the waste paper basket.

rustle rustle rustle


Same as last time I looked.

My bus journey to work in Tolworth takes me past a shop with a big and jolly "Kiddies' Corner" sign, bright bouncy writing and pictures of teddy bears and dolls and so on, in the yard. The shop is a funeral parlour and the yard holds the stock of gravestones.