Saturday, 2 July 2016

Brexit: the Narratives Roll On

The electorate are conservative, as any fule kno. The majority keep voting for the status quo until the existing dispensation is very obviously broken.

So the first Thatcher administration of 1979 eventually dies under John Major in 1997. Blair's creation fails when the voters are asked to endorse Gordon Brown in 2010. The Lib Dems lose the 2015 election but the Conservatives keep going.

That 52% of a high turnout rejected the status quo and the EU on Thursday 23rd June, and with placid political and economic conditions prevailing, is a remarkable thing; a thing almost unremarked in the aftermath.

Instead there is a tidal wave of "divided Britain" sewage from the reactionaries, seeking to explain the outcome in spurious characterisations always disparaging of the Leave vote (have education / haven't; have money / haven't; young and bright / senile coffin-dodger; enlightened überbeing / racist troglodyte; etc).

To half the electorate, the EU appeared so defective even in calm weather that they turned against it.

Kindly explain that, o pundits.