Thursday, 16 January 2014

Whatever Happens, Don't Let The Fucker Near A


In Which We Do the Obvious

Cowpoke: Been a long time since I last posted. Three months, I reckon.

Texas Rangers: So you got something new to say or are you just posting your old favourites you already posted?

Lonely homosexual who doesn't poke cows though: Doreen Schaffer and the Skatalites...

Solitary western American who would love to have intercourse with a bovine only they're all being driven north to Wyoming or something, or maybe FROM Wyoming: And Lord Creator...

Unpartnered resident of the Lone Star State (a lie, actually Mitcham UK) who hasn't got his penis near a sentient being of any sort in three years but WLTM: Anddddd... Clancy Eccles!

Texas and Elsewhere Rangers: We love your musical choices. Intercourse..? Well, there's some cacti out there on the high chapparal who ain't going to complain. least not legally.