Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Squareheads on the March. Again.

Pictured: some Boxheads today.

Breaking news: Germany pushes for EU army!

Thus the latest seriously bad idea to bob to the surface of our subcontinent-wide European Seriously Bad Ideas Lake.

It would mean allowing Krauts to take military responsibility for something bigger than their own army.

This is a seriously bad idea because the Jerries are notably rubbish at most things warry, in particular at:

i)     grand strategy;
ii)    strategy;
iii)   operations;
iv)   logistics;
v)    intelligence;
vi)   etc;
vii)  humility.

Tragically for the world they are good at:

viii) tactics,

making it very costly to kill them off and quell the commotion once the balloon's gone up.

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