Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Mills of God Grind Slow, but they Grind Fine

There is something spookily right about the fate of the 28 панфиловцев, Panfilov's ghostly Guardsmen.
A totalitarian State, given a near-limitless fund of genuine heroics to select from, inexorably latches onto and magnifies an event which never actually occurred and finds that it cannot then erase its error, though it has erased so much else.

Ideology trashes truth and fact: and goes on to trash the ideologues and the ideology.

That this is not revealed until decades after said State has collapsed, is God's little joke and warning.
The daily and undignified celebration of our own poltroonery courtesy of our elected representatives, or the relentless and insurmountable imbecility of the Absolute?

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