Thursday, 6 August 2009

Buzzzy Bankerzzzz Bonusezzzzzzz

So what did you expect?

Sweating: put a few gold coins in a bag and rattle them around a bit until some dust has got rattled off. Collect the dust.

Clipping: shave the unwanted edges off inaccurately-minted gold coins, just to even up the coins. Keep the shavings.

She was poor but she was honest
Though she came of humble stock
And an honest heart was beating

Underneath her tattered frock
Oh you poor takspayers, oh oh oh.

Phwoooar. And all for the price of a small ('otel) port wine. And the 'otel room, obviously.

What, you wouldn't????

What is she a'doing of?

1 comment:

Vigot said...

Reminds me of my favorite line from Graham Greene's The Quiet American:

"Sans vaseline."