Sunday, 31 January 2010

Inside a Modern Chilcot Inquiry

Yugoder byudiful chiyn
You'v got biudifuul skin
You got uv biudiful faice
U got' tase
Y got biudiful iighes
Yu got byudifuUUUul thighes

As for me ---

should you put me to the point --- --- ---

d'you know what?
but d'you know what
--- --- --- ?

I could not find it in my heart to fuck either of them

Murderer: But, I have some... shall we say, "thighes" for you... in these bin bags.

Blogista: They're --- fresh? Not just re-warmed?

Murderer: Wouldn't know how to spell "cellophane".

Blogista: I'll take a hundredweight, but please don't tell anyone.

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