Saturday, 20 February 2010

Inside a Modern Brain

Next week: what Artists are like, and why Woman's Hour* cannot cope with concepts like "where r is the radiance of the whole measure of the boundary factor" because they are girls. Offer strictly limited to one Hour per Woman.

* or Kirsty off Desert Island Discs**.

** Melvyn Bragg on the other hand fells an entire cultural or scientific corpus once a week every week with the aplomb of an executioner proving his skill on an ox.


x said...

Another odd coincidence! We were talking about Stanley Unwin last night and how often is that a topic of conversation?

I often think these bizarre coincidences must be some message from beyond but unfortunately Stanley Unwin seems to be in charge of relaying them.

Chertiozhnik said...


Chertiozhnik said...

Stanley Unwin, of course!

Nothing like recycling an ancient comedy routine and epodbroadcaetingeiaddioie or iwahaevering it as yr own.

Chertiozhnik said...

The speling. The fucing spelling. Imposibdl to type in.

Kapitan Klules sat in hsi concrete box whichc pased as an office with his typewriter and a desk and stuff.

It was Stalingrad 1943 and he was fuked of.

Mabe one day he typred in German mayb 1 day u wil not n33d fukin tyrpwoter ribbons and carbon papperz u wil just say what u fukkin say. DIRECST.

Then he died ov cold or he got shot.