Monday, 16 August 2010


You think I can't do incoherence?

Suck on this.




... it's... maybe we could mention a rabbit AND a cabbage. No? Maybe turnips and goats. I turnip the goat. I goated your turnips.

I... what is this with vegetable and animal? My sheep is in your cabbage patch.

But then again it is, and it is more feeding than incoherent.

I rock your world. 2x inanimate objects... damn.

I absorb your soup.


x said...

I ran that through my cypher machine and l know what you really said.

I bet the authorities do too; expect a visit by men in dark suits very soon.

Mondo Venus, Esq. said...

How is the Greater Depression going over there? It's very nice from over here, thank you.

In all seriousness, I wish you would stop posting about fucking all the time. It's getting bloody tedious.

Chertiozhnik said...

At the moment I am temporarily "resting" and living off Benefits, which is another way of saying I am not getting enough of my Taxes back to keep me in alcohol and cigs, let alone stuff like food or housing (I can prioritise, see? Gissa job).

The men in dark suits have told me to report to Morden Library on Monday to be assessed for a FREE retake of the GCSE in Maths I last passed thirty-six years ago.

I think they are actually luring me there to make me into pies. I hope y'all readers don't get the ones with the bits of lung or liver in them.