Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Am So Sorry

I cannot tell you how sorry I am for not posting more frequently.

Best I can do is "not". I am not sorry at all. Nor are you.

I founded this blog with the sincere intention of creating a rubbish dump for those wormy hobby-horsical loose shifty random mental spasms aka "thoughts" that crept up and mugged me from time to time.

Reality has overtaken me. I am no longer able to compete with the madness out there and

Readers: Hate to interrupt you in mid-flow but would you care to publish some news?*snurk*

Blogista: My cat Tiddles has died.

Readers: Now we fucking GOT YA COLD, is a bulti-billion pound fine and time up before the beak. I mean the fucking judge, dirtbag.

Blogista: I don't even have a cat. I was just making that up.

Readers: You print what Hugh fucking Grant TELLS you to print and you fucking print it when Hugh fucking Grant fucking TELLS you to fucking print it, orright?

Blogista: In breaking news, my goldfish Tiddles has some fungus on his gills. Defiant to the end, eh?

Hugh fucking Grant:  You fucking don't print that til I tolt yew to fucking print that OKAY?

Russian Mafia: Sort Cyprus. Don't nick our money.Word to the wise.

1 comment:

x said...

Hugh Fucking Grant. I totally agree. Crappy lefty celebrities, cost us billions and a bit more of our freedom.

PS Re sorry. I should bleedin' well think so, but apologies are not enough, we demand compensation and proper legislation to ensure it doesn't happen again.