Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Pareidolic Christmas to One and All

Readers: Oh my, it's those Ancient Egyptians at th'Temple of Seti I at Abydos a-and they got attack helicopters an' fighter-bombers an' underwater killer boats a-and
                                                  an eight-legged bee
                                                                                   from th'Astronaut Gods!

Blogaeologist: Worry not, my little pals, is probably the names of Seti I and Ramasses II, one cut over the other, or a similar SNAFU. Just pareidolia, that's all.

Pareidolia: perceiving the distinct and meaningful in obscure or random stimuli.

Readers: Phew. That explains it. Th'eight-legged bee, f'rinstance...

Blogagogue: Try this one...


x said...

A slightly late Happy Xmas to you Mr C.

Got chronic insomnia so haven't has a drink for two weeks. Tonight I think I shall skip the sleeping pills so I can have a little vodka.

x said...

Nope, had a Limoncello instead.