Saturday, 10 January 2015

Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Tarnhelm

Blogberich: I went and renounced Love the other day.

Readers: What you get?



Blogberich: Not even a hat.

Readers: What, like Kiss Me Quick like you used to.

Blogberich: No, you don't even get a hat nowadays, apparently.

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Chertiozhnik said...

The less unobservant reader will have noticed that I have done this before.

And he/she/they will be right.

But no harm in giving up what you never had in the first place, eh?

Computer dating, you will be thinking, is not going as well as it might be going, in my case.

Oh my beautiful lovelies, come to me, cooome to me. Be my clay, be the sandpit (with flags of all nations - and the splintery sticks they were stuck on) of my desiiiiiiireeees and my delirium.

No wonder it's not going well, you're thinking.