Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sock Drawer

: So you see, Watson, that our subject was most unlikely to have hidden the thing in his sock drawer.

Watson: And underpants. In straitened circumstances many a gentleman has been forced to store sock and underpant in the same receptacle.

Holes: Indeed, but is it beyond a criminal mastermind who knew his housekeeper to be in the service of the Authorities to hide it in a place where he knew no woman would look? Not in but under the laundry basket?

Watso: I am not sure I follow your reasoning.

Hoes: You observe that the sign at the window reads "SMOKING" backwards. And yet you are not blowing at your pipe, which might have the effect of setting afire the entire railway compartment, but rather sucking at it in the usual fashion.

Wato: So that is why you are travelling with a portable miniature lavatory seat?


OHara said...

That's actually a whoopee cushion. Victorian humour.

Anonymous said...

Maybe an early man-purse sighting?

Chertiozhnik said...

Not a traveller's patented steam egg-coddler fuelled with methylated spirits and balsa wood.

Pity. By the time they get to Dorkshire, Holmes will have had to have eaten Watson raw just to susrive.

Chertiozhnik said...