Monday, 27 April 2009

Spot th'Difference

Not many other bloggers can be bothered to illustrate the comments they have received to a previous post.

Mostly they just keep on trolling for more.

It would only try the patience of my readers to mention his English cousin Duncan Doenitz who operated a flotilla of pedalos out of Saltdean Lido in the 'tween-war years. Or Coustarde Doenitz, whose trips-round-the-submarine business collapsed when French submariners proved unwilling to come nearer to Boulogne than Oran or failing that Cam Ranh Bay. Or Fröstet Dönitz.


Anonymous said...

"Ich bin ein Dutzend Berlineren!"


Chertiozhnik said...

Power goes to one's head - but thinking he's a doughnut is almost a qualification for a post as one of Her Majesty's Ministers of State. Pity he's dead (and they aren't curses curses).