Monday, 28 September 2009

Gardeners' Question Time

Just a few questions for you gardeners.


LTVFTQ said...

Dear GQT c/o BBC 4:

I have gots the many shoeshine pennies on the lung man. Haven't you been the long way to overture? Is the turnip also rutebega also parsnip also gecko? If not, why?

Much immediately (your) humble servant,

Long time viewer, first time questioner

Who's there?
Beria who?
Beria heart at Wounded Knee.
[laugh track]

Chertiozhnik said...

Here in Kolyma we have a weak northern sun, temperatures are always sub-zero and the soil is icy. I'd like to ask the panel what I could grow that would stop the common criminials sticking a shiv between my ribs, I'm a political you see.

Bob Beriadew: I'd go for "Black Man's Willy" if we hadn't already got into er er er trouble over that one.