Friday, 25 September 2009

When you die thin k Accessories like man-dibles

Blogista: When I die I want to go suited and booted.
Death: This isn't a job application. You can wear what you like.
Blogista: Well shucks, anyhow I never really quite believed in in the Austin Reed navy-blue double-breasted. Good as it was.
Death: You should learn to play the jass cornet. Just joking. Try chess.
Blogista: You play chess?
Death: No.
Blogista: Many people find relief in Gararararedeners' Question Time. In Radio 4 generally...
Blogista: There's that Mr Humphreys and Sue and Sooty. And Sweep. WELSH PEOPLE and others of an ethnic origin. Their name is Legion, because they are many!
Death: ~


M. Mento Morrie, Esq. said...

I've decided what I want. I want an open-casket cremation. A little conical pile of white gritty dust on a silk pillow.

And it almost goes without saying that I also want Mr. Potato Head accessories so that my guests can put eyes, lips, glasses, hats, and shoes on me.

Chertiozhnik said...

You have come to th'actual blog of Mr. Potato Head.

Things have not been going so well for me recently and there is the medication and that.

Even so, when you die I will send you a pack of fun stuff just from me. Because you believed.

Yrs from refuge &c