Sunday, 23 December 2012

Every Time We Say Goodbye

So the world didn't end on Friday...

Readers: Fools

...but here in the Soviet Union on Sea something died a little, and is now - like unto a kipper sewn into the lining of the Master's chair of

Readers: Get on with it

Women are now charged the same car insurance rates as men, despite the fact that they tend to do dints not damage. And men now get the same annuity rates on their pensions as women, despite the fact that they tend to croak sooner.

Readers: You're about to say that in a free society it is reason, not ideology, that is the prevailing spirit

And it

Readers: And a proposition founded upon actuarial tables is a rational one, open to challenge and discussion by the demos

What I

Readers: Whereas laws founded on undefined and non-reasoned terms like "Equality" baffle any attempt by the aforesaid demos to make sense of them, let alone debate about or change them

Yes but

Readers: And Friday 21st December 2012 marks a small step on the road to that unreason, one might say anti-reason, that is the hallmark, once of a primitive, but these days of a totalitarian society

What the

Readers: But you are not about to hit Caps Lock and start ranting about "ever closer fascism union" because it is only Pensions and Insurance so nobody would take you  seriously


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