Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Your Government at Work

From today's Grauniad:
It also tried to appease more than 100 Tory MPs planning to vote against the legislation by outlining a new "quadruple lock" that will make it illegal for gay marriage ceremonies to be conducted by the churches of England and Wales.

Start with a simple proposition of no interest whatever to 80% of the population, turn it into a burgeoning bureaucratic-political snarl-up complete with its own Terminology and in a very real sense make the situation much worse than it was before.

I cannot find a picture of an Utter Cake and Arse Party on the interwebs.


saradwyn3 said...

haaa you're alive!

I'll look for a picture for ya.
(annoyingly literal I am)

xoggoth said...

Just wot I was gonna say! He is!!

There's nowt like championing a cause that the great majority of those affected probably don't give a * about, It isn't what you do that matters but how it looks.

Anyway, having posted twice in a month you are back on the bloggoth board. I need a bit of your silly influence to wean me off the ranting. I am seeing my silly counsellor twice a month.