Thursday, 25 July 2013

Think of a Woman

Reader(s): Phoarrr.

Blogista: No, think of a woman.


Blognate: If it helps, imagine you're a Canadian at the same time.


Blogomentary m'dear Watson: Really, just one.

Clueles(s): Well, there's Jane Austen. She was a woman.

Blog Stripped Bare: And?

Dafuc(k): Not sure. Women we've heard of? What are you asking of us?


Non-person(s):  There was that Mary... Wossname.


x said...

Gordon Bennet!!!!!!!!!!! A new post! Not quite every day, Amiral des Blogues.

Not that I can be too critical, nowt but a few Daily Mail rants (but at 6 least I have an excuse, what's yours?) One day I shall return in fill nonsensical regalia.

PS I find it very difficult to prove I am not a robot, being as I am.

Chertiozhnik said...

You are quite right, I did promise a post a day.

Fortunately old friends like Admiral Karl Doenitz have agreed to step in and help keep the blog going in my time of distress (pretty well permanant these days).

Robots... hmm. Is a thought, but could a robot co-ordinate a submarine assault on transatlatic shipping lines? Could be, could be.

Chertiozhnik said...