Friday, 16 August 2013

Shipping Forecast

Portcullis: west or north-west, four or five, backing south-west five to seven, moderate or good. Seventeen or some other number I can throw in to frighten everybody. Thirty-five. Occasionally very poor.
Reader(s): Thirty-five eh. That will have some of your listeners sucking anxiously at their pipes and

Foreblogster: Sorry, did I say thirty-five? I meant eighty-six.

Redars(e): EIGHTY-SIX??? You're just deliberately fucking them over.

Broadblogster:  Very poor forever. Nine hundred and forty-one.

Dreare(s): Stop doing this.

Blog of Ages: What.

Adeerr(s): Doing these pretend conversations and changing all the names every time and calling us a redars(e) because it has the same letters and trying to think of some new and pretentious way of working the word "blog" into your handle and generally not doing a solid and sensible piece of prose like you can read in the Daily Mail for instance instead of a fake shipping forecast and

For Those in Peril on the Blog: Hm. You may have a point.

 (s)rreedA: *sigh*

Admiral Doenitz: *facepalm*

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