Sunday, 15 February 2015


Gladly the cross-eyed bear...

...and I've been laughing like a drain ever since I heard it. About forty years ago that was. Bloody good value, those mondegreens.


Now back to the day job.


Vickers-Armitage Battlefield Crapper Mk I (Great Britain, 1936)
Note the forward-mounted straining handle and the Izal drum over the engine hatch. Both proved vulnerable in battle conditions and for the Mk II (1941) were fitted inside the crew compartment.

Palivec P-45 Divisional Toasted Sandwich Maker (Czechoslovakia, 1963)
A powerful turbofan power plant gave the P-45 a distinct edge over any NATO equipment then in service. However, advances in Soviet nuclear technology saw this vehicle redeploying to reserve units as early as 1965.

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