Saturday, 5 September 2015

Passing iClouds

Blogista: Grararrarrgh time to looks at th'email.

Facebook: Do you know Stag Pophopholos, Tottie Biscuit and Brundt Polaks?

Blogista: No.

   From: Amber Monsoon
Subject: A request from a virgin
        To: Me

Come to my house of pleasure right now
I had sex only once in my life and I want more!
My virgin shaved pussy is all yours I want you to glance through my portfolio and assess my naked body

I bet you will miss me

Blogista: Got a .38 pistol in a .45 frame, I canna miss when I got that aim, gonna ride ol' Railroad Bill chang chang gonna riiide Railroad Bill.

Railroad Bill: Whut.

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