Monday, 13 June 2016

Ever Grander Grandiosity


A grand statement from Donald Duck Tusk (Polish, Poland):

"As a historian I fear Brexit could be the beginning of the destruction of not only the EU but also Western political civilisation in its entirety," he told the German newspaper Bild.

Must be an extremely shit historian then.

Oh, I forgot, Polish. Wouldn't know a "political civilisation" if you shunted one up his fundament.

"Free country"?



x said...

Loony. The things they are saying get dafter and dafter but the good thing is that they are getting so unbelievable that I think they actually help the leave side.

The EU falling apart sounds good to me anyway. I'm hoping that, if we leave, the whole thing will fall apart and be replaced by a league of closely cooperating but independent nations. Next best thing to a xoggoth-ruled empire.

Chertiozhnik said...

I'm waiting for HMG to announce that Remain got 99% of the vote and then make it 52% because it sounds better.