Thursday, 9 June 2016

Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Bill Gates seems to have fallen for the Chicken Fallacy.

They lay eggs for food and sale; they make more chickens to lay more eggs and make more chickens; if they need feeding at all the feed is cheap; they don't stray so no maintenance effort required: what can possibly go wrong?

So for the longest time chicken farming has been the lazy man's easy road to self-sufficiency. Failed chicken farmers of note include Betty MacDonald (author of the bestselling The Egg and I - at least she did find a way of turning chickens into cash)  and Heinrich Himmler.

Day trading, Bill, that's the modern way to get your meathooks into the money. You're just a few mouseclicks away from the mountains of moolah. Work as little as you like, make as much as you want. Infallible, as my handy guide "Day Trade Your Way to Plenty: the Secrets Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know" ($75.50, few copies left so order now) explains.


x said...

Chickens are evil. I cannot say more at the moment as the chickens next door may be watching me.

Chertiozhnik said...

Evil and highly intelligent. Three Mile Island; Chernobyl; Fukushima: there are chickens within a few miles of these establishments, right time, right pkace. Gotta hand it to them, they're good.

Chertiozhnik said...

*place* ha, now they even have my keyboard and who knows my mind and will?