Friday, 27 June 2008

Bit Depressing

Well, it is if one is in UKIP and was hoping that somebody might have objected to the shenanigans over the notaConstitution - the lack of a UK referendum and the way the Treaty got shoehorned through Parliament.

Also a bit depressing if one is anti-BNP, or hoped for a better turnout than 50.32%, down -17.58% from 2005.

Conservative 19, 796 +3.46%
Lib Dem 9, 680 +1.84%
Green 1, 321 +0.54%
BNP 1, 243 +3.58%
Labour 1, 066 -11.68%
UKIP 843 -0.07%


YesBut said...

1066 voted Labour - they must have done it as a practical joke, to bring a smile to Gordon Browns face.

Ohara said...

It's all depressing. Everything. Especially politics. :(

Chertiozhnik said...

It is all frankly a bit depressing. 1066 inspires me to wtite a British Military History, which will not be entirely a succession of Good Things.

Mad Dog said...

Very depressing! And I have to put up with Monkey Man for another 6 months...

Ohara said...

Write it and they will come (maybe not in their droves but one or two might toodle along).