Thursday, 7 August 2008

Choo Choo

Hallelujah I'm safe from sin
The Good Lord's coming for to see me again!

This is a kind of remedial visit thing. I never thought I'd end up a trailer park ho, and I haven't because 1) I don't own a trailer 2) if I did I wouldn't know where to park it 3) I am too old to ho.

Update: it has already occurred to me that lurking about the recesses of the Texaco petrol station in Hove muttering "do anything for a penny, Madam" may not be the killerest of pitches.

Even though I have Sta-Prest tapes in the creases of my trousers, so that whatever the external stains, accidents, etc my troons still have that freshly-pressed sharpness appearance to them.

I cannot understand why my clients (potential) keep shying away from me. I am beginning to feel like a Member of Parliament, only they get paid a stipend whatever tricks they do or don't turn.

PPS my daks are nicely turned down so that the break is exactly where it should be about 1" below the ankle, that is when I am standing upright.

PPPS perhaps I should lay off the White Lightning and try to show my trousers to their best advantage more often. What do my readers think?

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