Sunday, 31 August 2008


Our very own Hero of the Soviet Union-on-Sea David Ralfovich Miliband in the Ukraine...

1) "The Russian President says he is not afraid of a new Cold War. We don’t want one. He has a big responsibility not to start one."

2) "I want to reaffirm the commitment of the United Kingdom to support the democratic choices of the Ukrainian people."

3) "It is clear to me, standing here today, that this is a European country."

In reverse order...

3) Ukraina is not and never has been a European country. Pedantic of me, but GIR (Get It Right). You may say, shades of "a small country far away of which we know little", but then what did we actually do for the Czechs or indeed the Poles in 1938/9? Apart from getting creamed by the Wehrmacht in two weeks in 1940 (see point 2 below)?

2) You and whose army? And so, what "commitment"?

1) Europe is massively dependent on Russian energy supplies. The Russians only have to twitch the gasoilcoal taps a little bit to... no, I can see why they are not afraid of another Cold War, and how seriously they are going to take their Big Responsibility.

So it is really all down to the Americans, and Milliband's Europosturing seems more dangerous than silly (or vice versa).


Anonymous said...

Miliband speaks and Russia quakes :(

But its ok, schools are about to start after the summer holidays, and he's moving up to start in the Big School.

x said...

He should blast them with his ears. I have it on good authority that they can fire 20 megaton photon torpedos.

ohara said...

Bush has quite big ears too... and so has Blair. Hmmm.
Beware of Men With Big Ears
I think I'll put that on a T-shirt.

And, oh yeah
hi (sheepish wave)

Stargazer said...

Everybody's somebody's friend

Chertiozhnik said...

I have tiny delicate shell-likes, so I may have no more force than a firecracker BUT YOU NEED NOT BEWARE OF ME.

Heh heh.