Friday, 12 September 2008


NobFriCorp®©¿ apologise to our customers, clients, or what have you, for the lack of blogging recently. This is due to:

1) Summer;
2) Winter;
3) Many more gut-wrenching personal crises than you could conceivably shake a stick at;
4) Wrong kind of snow on the keyboard.

(Only one of these is true).

You will be pleased to know that we are kicking off our unrelaunch or is it unrepositioning within the market with the immortal Shakin' Stevens...

He does that pointingyfinger thang a bit too often, but so does the statue in the garden. Poor man's Bryan Ferry and all that.

Which reminds me of an C18th gravestone in a country churchyard near Newbury which has a cast of the fore and second fingers of the deceased's right hand attached, so that you may introduce yourself to her across the centuries.

I am dead.
Why! So almost am I.

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