Friday, 12 September 2008


As Toys for the Boys go, this has to be the best ever.

Thanks to EU Referendum for the link, and as they comment, "Just why are we messing about with windmills?"

No doubt our cretinous Gubbmunt and our population of woolly-minded pinkoes will wet themselves in terror at the idea of having nucular atomy* things all over the shop.

Apart from carpeting the UK and pincushioning the seas with 1000000000000 windmills in an attempt to generate as much energy as a handful of nuclear power stations, there is always the utterly Green option of the potato battery still to go for.

But for a moment there, I thought... wow.

* With reference to the outbreak of the 2nd Iraq War and a bloke in his pigeon loft interviewed at the time by Aunty Beeb, who opined that he didn't want Saddam sending any of his "anthraxes" over here. That's why we should all have shotgun licences, in case we see an anthrax maybe idling over a double espresso in a smart coffee bar near the British Museum and clearly plotting our downfall.

Don't want any nucular atoms here. You're barred.


x said...

The good thing about visiting a nuclear reactor is you get a free pair of white slippers but then the mean bastards take them away again when you leave.

x said...

Atomy things are the only realistic option. Radiation never hurt anyone, it's good for you actually.

Chertiozhnik said...

My Dad worked in the nuclear industry all his life, and goes ballistic whenever someone on the telly starts droning anbout windmills.

I'm with him all the way.