Sunday, 26 April 2015

Urbiscus o.g.

Of the fate of the gladiator: Like Urbiscus, the secutor of Milan made famous by his epitaph, he might be killed by the hand he recently spared... "I warn you that you had better kill the man you have defeated" "Te moneo ut quis quem vicerit occidat".

Carlin A. Barton The Sorrows of the Ancient Romans (1993) p38

Readers: Not more Romans. Can't you...
Blogomachus: Okay, I'll change the subject completely. How's about the dormouse pots of the Etruscans? See, it's got air holes and a feeding tray at the top that you can refill through the lid and those dormouse-runs around the sides for exercise.
Readers: Etruscans, eh? Well I suppose that's not actually Roman per se.
Blogiarius: Of course the Romans had them too, this lovely example from Pompeii for instance.
Readers: Noooooooooooooo.
Blogutor: Wait 'til we get to the mullets.
Readers: Whew. At least we'll be back somewhere sane like the early 1980s.
Blogachaerus: I mean the ones in decanters.


x said...

Wow! A fully up to date, modern, today, post on NF. About Romans.

Wonder if cavemen had blogs. Would have taken a lot of chiselling to leave a comment tho.

Chertiozhnik said...

And before you can comment some fool comes along with Qb7FntY badly carved on a rock.
- Wossat.
- It's a "captcha". You gotta copy it to prove you're human.
-Nob off.
-Well, you'll have to log in then.
- See that tree over there?