Sunday, 18 November 2007

Gift of the Gods

The lucky thrupny bit goes to Mr. MadDog.

Put this in your piggy bank and you will find more money arrives there every day as if by magic (provided you don't poke around in it overnight, or try to break it open with a hammer).

Alas, it will be in the old money, so you will have to wait for a 1933 penny to appear before you have anything of worldly value.

But it puts the tooth fairy to shame. Sixpence a tooth? Pshaw.

Also it completely protects the traveller against all known Foreign diseases. A medicinal gin (btl) and bitters may be a necessary specific before breakfast, but by lunchtime no more than a modest intake of Whisky Sours can be recommended.

One's intestinal flora are English, or at worst British. Whatever happens we have got the Gatling gun and they have not.


Mad Dog said...

Ah, real money. Long gone and much lamented. I feel honoured. I think I'll go for a celebratory (and medicinal) gin and tonic even though it's only 10.30am here in Siam; I've got to ward off the mosquitoes/malaria somehow...

Chertiozhnik said...

Gin or malaria, Sir? Ohhhhhh... make it a gin.

Have fun!