Monday, 26 November 2007

The Last Hiding Place

Wretched invention, the mobile phone. I only bought one very reluctantly for work, and then I was careful to get one that would only do phone calls - who wants a third-rate camera, postage-stamp sized internet etcetera?

In answer to David McMahon's question this week, have you ever answered or made a call on a cellphone while you were in a toilet? (Or even wanted to and thought better of it!) the answer is a firm NO. Switched off, every time.

If you can't even hide away in the loo when your Project goes Pear-Shaped any more... what is the world coming to?


x said...

The most bizarre thing is downloading racy pictures/porn on a phone. What on earth for?

Mad Dog said...

Being hunted down, telephonically speaking, in the bog is totally unacceptable and I will not answer. Besides its totally unhygienic. Coincidentally I've just posted on a similar topic..

Chertiozhnik said...

Mr X, I'm not much in favour of using telephones for phoning, gotta agree about minuscule naked lady pics. In the good old days we bought a sheaf of mucky woodcuts and were happy with that.

MadDog, a delight to think there are a few people left in this world with a sense of propriety. And hygiene. Calling from the khazi is so utterly beyond the pale, I doubt it has even been mentioned in Debrett's Etiquette.