Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My Project Management Tips For Today #4077

Here is my 4077th Project Management Tip from me. It is today's Tip.

Q: How do I do a Work Breakdown Structure?

A: Here is the answer to your question.

1) List all the products of your project, their components and sub-components. Be merciless.

2) List even more sub-sub-components. Smaller the better. Atoms.

3) Late on in the Project, sit with a glass of chilled Chablis in one paw, and an optional cigarette in the other, with the list.

4) "Check off" all of the tiny particles of Work which are Broken.

That is a Work Breakdown Structure.

Acolytes: What is the point of it?

Self: It is reassuring to know that one will not be saying "ohhhhhhhhhhhh Chrrrrrrrrist" every five minutes for very much longer: everything that can possibly have gone wrong, already has almost finished going wrong. Some sub-sub-components will come around for another go: shun them.


Which puts me in mind of the training course I did in Project Management many years ago. The dullard running it had a peculiar way of pausing reverendly before speaking the word "Work", and of finishing the word with a dry-sticky "K" like it was one of those Deglet Noor dates you only ever get at Xmas.

As if Work were as fundamental as Sex or Death.

Well, maybe it is, but it isn't half as much fun.


Certainly not half as much fun as Carmen Miranda.

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