Friday, 2 May 2008

Fancy That

According to the BBC's report on a Which? investigation,

Some computer keyboards harbour more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat, research has suggested.


They also found that, compared to men, on average women have three to four times the amount of germs in, on and around their work area.



Talking of germs, my ex has ambitions to become a Conservative MP. Judging from the local election results, she stands a good chance. Not that I'm bitter or anything. But, come on Mr Brown, you've really got to try harder.


x said...

This is nonsense, I have been using my keyboard as a toilet for years and it has exactly the same number of germs. I counted them just the other day.

Chertiozhnik said...

I try to keep a good keyboard/toilet balance as well. The germs are very much nicer than the ex's, and her having four times as many just wasn't cricket.

OHara said...

Which only proves that old adage
"girls have cuties"

(or something like that)