Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I thought Copenhagen (or København) was in Iceland until I looked it up. Denmark, apparently, wherever that is: near København, probably.

Anyway, the point is they've just decided to have a Conference to solve all the world's problems.

Good thing too. About time somebody did.

The aim of CC08 is to take stock of the world's biggest problems and the most promising solutions and provide informed input into the policy making process surrounding efforts to deal with these problems.

"Surrounding". Why does everybody have "issues around" and "surrounding" these days, when they could just get to the point?

And is "informed input" mentioned in contrast to the less desirable "uninformed input"?

Would nuking
København this month decelerate the process around approaching the issues up and down the world, or merely rid the planet of a small bunch of fatuous timewasters?

O'Hara protests at counting women as one of the ten big problems facing us today. Hit 'em with a stick, I was about to say, until the CC08 website made it clear that only women in "
in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa" are the around the informed issue.


YesBut said...

Will they have time to discuss why I cannot attach images to my googlemail emails?

I also have a problem editing my blog.

Ohara said...

Yeah, well, I never read that far did I? I generally lose interest in such things after the first two paragraphs - just a woman I guess.

BTW - loved the comment after that particular post.

Chertiozhnik said...

Fury can do a lot of things - except maybe forcing blogware to do the unexpected.

ohara said...

except maybe forcing blogware to do the unexpected
Ok. Offer clarifiication.