Saturday, 3 May 2008


KISS : Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Blood & Treasure claims to have found le mot juste... meditating upon our Prime Minister,

"the right word suddenly struck me.

He’s a wanker. A 100%, solid gold, honest to goodness, 24 carat wanker. And that’s all there is to him. He’s nothing other than a wanker: and once you’ve called him a wanker there’s nothing left to say. He is, precisely, a wanker."

I would go for übergeek:

- make it Complicated, to overawe the world with your Cleversomeness;

- make the Solution more Complicated than the Problem, so that the Problem will have no way of escape;

- the real Problem and the Solution exist in your head, not in the "real" world - the Laws of Unintended Consequences, Murphy, Sturgeon, Hofstadter &c do not exist in your head (they are annihilated by your Cleversomeness);

- never a simple answer to a simple question, or Fools may begin to doubt your Cleversomeness;

- when Fools begin to doubt, lies evasions and jargon are what little they deserve;

- with Chertiozhnik's Law of Recursive Complicatedness operating in the "real" world, it will soon be time to... Run Away! before you are caught out.

Maybe "wanker" is simpler.


x said...

You are getting almost ranty these datas Mr C. Well done. He is indeed, absolutely a wanker.

Hang on though, who isn't? tried And it's all free!

We need to invent a much worse term for GB.

Chertiozhnik said...

I maight even get sweary, you never know.

XNXX? Well... distinct lack of political comment or off-the-wall humour, but it has its points.