Monday, 5 May 2008


Fabada, a stew from the Asturias...

Black pudding
Flageolet and Borlotti beans
Bay leaf

Boil the ham with the bay leaf, melt the onion and garlic in oodles of olive oil, fry the meat in it a little, add the beans, paprika and saffron, top up with water and simmer until ready.

Readers: Yummy - is it nice?

Self: Dunno, haven't tried it yet. This is the proper way to do Fabada.


xoggoth said...

It looks to me from the picture that it is mostly baked beans. This means that even I could cook this dish, I would just leave out the other stuff.

Or get the wife to cook it, I don't want to rub it in of course

Chertiozhnik said...

Mine doesn't look anything like that, mostly sinister lumps of dead thing in a violent orange oil. A pinch too much saffron, I think. And a gallon too much olive oil. Oh well, good for the bowels, cuisine enema.

OHara said...

Anything with congealed pigs blood in it gets my vote.

Chertiozhnik said...

Would you want to eat it though?

I'm looking at my dinner for the next four days and thinking, okay I'm going with th'Conservatives, but just because I voted for it doesn't mean I'm not going to starve.

It worries me when I have cooked a simple Asturian ham'n'bean stew and find I am subject to it. My job is to listen, it says.

Hokay I will try talking to you.

Ohara said...

Actually, yes. I'll try anything.
Except for slugs... I can't even look at them.

Chertiozhnik said...

In the homes of the Abaluhya the important course is Ugali. For breakfast, the same cornmeal cooked to a thin gruel-like consistency is called Uji. There is a light Ugali made from cornmeal and a dark Ugali made from millet flour. Also served are dishes like M'baazi (pea beans), which is sometimes an appetizer as well as a main dish, M'chuzi Wa Kuku (chicken in coconut) or Samaki Na Nazi (fish and coconut). A stunning dish is Ndizi, bananas cooked in banana leaves see page 189).

See page 189 of what? That is the trouble with the internat.

Chertiozhnik said...


Ohara said...

And the trouble with the internat. I've always found this species particularly elusive.