Saturday, 1 March 2008


The video below is the most shocking video you will ever watch regarding what is being preached within British Mosque's by Saudi Arabian trained Imam's, to their British Moslem audience

The Grocer's Apostrophe is a recent and insidiou's arrival in these Island's.

And it isn't the Grocers' Apostrophe either.

No wonder more and more of us are turning to extremist group's like the Apostrophe Protection Society.


Mad Dog said...

Ah, the apostrophe. Better not get me started on this one as my blood pressure won't take it. I once threatened to bludgeon a PhD student to death if I saw another apostrophe on a plural noun or an "its" of possession. I'm going to join that society right away.

x' said...

Indeed. Actually have replaced that coven member after 2 day's, not becau'se of the apostrophe's though. Not wi'shing to appear fickle I will not be mentioning it.

OHara said...

MD - please feel free to correct my use of the apostrophe any time you see fit. It is something I constantly strive to grasp. Along with splitting the infinitive.

YesBut said...

Where do I put the ","?
Don't tell me.

Mad Dog said...

Ohara: Thank you for your confidence. Actually I haven't noticed any mistakes in your posts re . the apostrophe. Splitting the infinitive is not a heinous crime and it's sometimes necessary to do so inorder to avoid sounding convoluted or pompous -as long as you know you're doing it and can discriminate it's pretty much ok.

Chertiozhnik said...

Glad the bloodboilingness is shared by m'erudite readers.

As for the ",", nowhere near the ":", I would recommend.

OHara said...

Splitting the infinitive is not a heinous crime
Ah so splitting the infinitive is like starting a sentence with But. ;-)