Thursday, 13 March 2008


The good instructor spake: "Now seest thou, son!
The souls of those, whom anger overcame.
This too for certain know, that underneath
The water dwells a multitude, whose sighs
Into these bubbles make the surface heave,
As thine eye tells thee wheresoe'er it turn.
Fix'd in the slime, they say: 'Sad once were we,
In the sweet air made gladsome by the sun,
Carrying a foul and lazy mist within:
Now in these murky settlings are we sad.'
Such dolorous strain they gurgle in their throats,
But word distinct can utter none."
Dante, Inferno, Canto VII in Henry Cary's
1888 translation: I would quote you in the
original, if there were not a circlet of hell
reserved for the incompetent pretentious.

Why a cockroach? Why not? Mr X will appreciate
it, I hope. I saw one in a British Rail buffet
once, eating my sammich (that was before I
purchased the aforesaid sammich). It was making
away with the Warm Chicken filling, so you bet
I purchased that sammich quick so I got some

Hope you all enjoying this Blogs. And all the other
Blogs which complain about Budget and Politicians
but I am not so clever for that!

I give Mr H Cary his "murky settlings", n1ce 1 dood.


YesBut said...

When I saw the cockroach I thought yet another blog about Alistair Darling

x said...

I don't think I have ever actually seen a cockroach. I am sure they are mythical creatures like dust mites which the government has invented to blame for things and the one you saw was probably a fake.

Chertiozhnik said...

I have seen a cockroach (not the American variety pictured here, but the fatter brown European one) eating a sandwich in a British Rail buffet at Victoria Station.

They also sold Miller's Meat Pies, the BSE Pies of Death.

And I have met Alastair Darling, and you have not got him far wrong, Mr YesBut.

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