Monday, 31 March 2008

Smart Boy Wanted

Michael-PC is me, and there's the expected BT Home Hub bits - but how do I find out what the THOMSON is and kill it dead?

Vista and the interwebs have a lot of useful stuff about adding network devices, but not a lot about search-and-destroy them.

Just don't like them varmints snufflin' around outside the perimeter fence, is all.


Mad Dog said...

Yes that's very sinister. I think you need a Thomson Gun. Or maybe a handful of killer Nanites:

YesBut said...

Have you a wireless system?
Is your neighbours user name Thomson?

OHara said...

No idea about wireless systems - I'm slow to change any aspect of my life that works. I only switched from Windows 98 to 2000 this year!
And I'll go Linux before putting those new Windows Fisher Price interfaces on my computer.

Too bloated to be called an operatng system!

Chertiozhnik said...

Neighbours, yes, several strong signals within range. But I'm not sure about this person attaching to my network, and still haven't found a way to manage... my own network.

My finger has certainly been twitching on the Linux button, Vista is about the best Windows I've used but bloatware it is rather.

A Thomson gun... well, I did think about identifying this person from the mail and than waiting in the hall with a baseball bat. A bunch of killer robots would be cool too.

OHara said...

I built this computer at a time when I needed to get it up and running fast and just never got round to reloading Linux although I have got a partition waiting for it and must do that this summer. I can't help feeling that there's a whole world waiting for investigation. For free.

Does the presence of an icon on your desktop mean that someone can 'see' your computer?
Could it be that it is you that can see' their network?

I don't know how wireless networks work but I know a little bit about Win 2000 networking and it is possible to see between computers one-way only.
I assume wireless is a bit like bluetooth between mobile phones? You can make your phone invisible to other phones in your bluetooth neighbourhood. Can you switch between invisibility and visibility?

Chertiozhnik said...

I am not sure who is becoming invisible to whom or for what reasons.

All I want to do for rather male reasons is kill the fucker out of the universe stone utterly cold dead. Bit like Charlton Heston would have wanted.