Saturday, 22 March 2008

Carbon Footstomp

I have been patrolling Brighton Beach this Easter weekend, shouting at anything and anyone with a touch of the old carbon about them.

I carry a hammer in my jacket pocket in case there are any arguments - I can tell you, I deal with backsliders pretty sharpish. There have been a few 'scenes' outside the entirely bogus "Harry Ramsden" fish'n'chip shop opposite the pier, but now that the police have taped off the area all is quiet.


Wickedred said...

I hope you have an excellent hammer. Everyone should.

YesBut said...

Come Global warming there'll be no Brighton Beach - oh yes there will, but it will start in Guildford.

OHara said...

I just done a carbon?
and the other
Please... ? ? ?

Chertiozhnik said...

"Please spare my life" - but we can't afford to be sentimental about feline carbon-based life forms if we are not, as YesBut suggests, going to see nude sun-bathing beaches in Guildford - horror.

Estwing EWF21M 21oz - "The design of this hammer assures integral and sweeping overstrike protection while placing the power and weight at the front to maximise power and reduce user effort" with a Titanium Inc TI14MC 140z in the sock as a concealed carry.