Friday, 31 October 2008


Yeah, our movement just suffered another couple of Martyrs.

Shit happens.

The er Martyred Two.

Plenty more where they came from, but still worth a chorus or so of our Anthem, just in case you thought we were losing.

There may be some readers who notice a teeth in this fillum allegedly even worse than Shane McGowan his teeth (neatly avoiding any controversy over the placing of the apostroph'e).

We are somwhat less incapable of dentistry than you may suppose
and we have the world-historical Sense of Humour against which even hyper-snarky Americans are defenseless.

The global importance of our media "Outlets" - and the late Wossy and Wanker were nothing if not "Outlets" - speaks for it and for them and for Our Selves.


Ohara said...

Personally, I can't stand either of the latest martyrs. Glad they have fallen from grace.
But - how fickle the public.

Chertiozhnik said...

The puzzle, as I see it, is how does Wossy earn 12m a year for pulling in a much smaller audience than, say, the Archers, who run a pig farm on the radio?

It gets bad when you go to a country fair and find that the hot pork roll with stuffing and apple sauce you just bought for £1.75 is an imaginary one.

Even worse when the person behind you in the queue is complaining that being suspended from work for six weeks is going to cost them £1,500,000.