Friday, 31 October 2008


: Thank goodness our Leader totally thought of a plan to save the world at the last moment. I mean, phew. Bit like "Assault on Precinct 13" only without th'same kind of silencers.

Reader: I ham no englis.

Blogista: Oh, you are American or foreign or something? Well, I bent your daughter over the scrolliest bit of your chaise longue and - let's be frank - enjoyed her while she was trying to set the cushion straight.

Reader: I har no shez lonk.

Blogista: Well anyhow I took your daughter from behind. TOOK. From BEHIND.


Blogista: Look, we have a giant cardboard Leader on sticks. Whenever we are told to, we can raise the Leader above th' crowd, on the sticks. So you gotta Leader like that?

Reader (note the missing 'L'):

Blogista: So suck my penis.

Holy, Venerable, Late Lamented and Sainted Woss: Wow that is an original gag. As (heh) 'twere. Shit, that's a double-take etc etc etc

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