Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Wikipegg and I

Employment at last!!! - a Mr Dion O'Banion has offered me a job in his flower shop in Chicago.

I will certainly take the post, even though according to Wikipedia his name is really Deanie or Dean and the URL for his 'pedia entry is'Banion.

I will address him as 'Gimpy' to be on the safe side.


Yes. I know.

It means
leaving my beloved and well-governed country.


But he says if I work hard enough I could be enjoying a challenging position in one of his garage businesses a while from now.

It will be a big Life Change.


Mad Dog said...

Chicago, eh? One of my favourite cities in the US. Machine guns are now illegal there, however...

Wickedred said...

Ah! I have stood in that thar alley!

If you are in fact coming to Chicago - I will send you advice on appropriate winter footwear post haste. the winds have turned for the chilly season...

Chertiozhnik said...

Alas it has fallen through so I am cooling my heels in Hove rather than freezing my footies in Chicago.


Wickedred said...

Alas indeed. You don't want to commit to coming here anyway until at least Tuesday of next. If it swings the wrong way, I might be crossing the pond in the oposite direction...

Good luck and Godspeed with the job huning.