Friday, 21 November 2008

The Answer

Pilgrims: What was the question?

Wise Wossy: Tell me then, what the answer was.

Plogrims: Like a pub quiz only you get the answers and you have to guess what the questions were?

Woss of Ages (cleft by me): You could win a free weekend in Hilbert's Hotel.

Readers: By cleft, you mean fucked?

Blogista: Yes, I have had Jonathan Ross and all of his offspring and offsprings' offspring and offsprings' offsprings' offspring* unto - unless they were under age, not Homo sapiens sapiens (patent pending) or otherwise incapable of consent.

Readers: So your "sex" life lately has been more barren than even your real one.

*I could and would have had their hamsters, gerbils &c only I don't do that kind of stuff. I only do sentient human beings.

And don't bother calling out your lawyers about the "sentient". I already fucked your lawyers mostly (the sentient ones).


Postscript: It used in my day to be " Great Redeemer" not "Great Jehovah". And "purple hand"? "Feed me 'tl ('til???) I want no more" like foie gras, not "Feed me now and evermore"?

This must be an ironically ironic comedy combo. Or a first srike from that Damien Shark guy and his unpleasantly underpanted sidekick Trace.

Maybe God and the Flying Spaghetti Monster are both dead.

The great god Pan is dead.

Perhaps the beat combo would work better if theyhad an air of having emigrated recently from Veneuela or somewhere. They would need different hats, also ponchos. We would want to see a nose flute or two. What do you, the Readers, think?

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